About Us

Customized Silicone Masks, Airbrush, Sculpture and Digital Artwork in Tennessee

About Mythic Airbrush
Jon Bradley Gaw-Urwin attended the Ohio State University for two years on the Academic honors program, where he specifically studied art. He also attended the Savannah College of Art and Design and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Currently he is the owner/operator of Mythic Studios.

Production Methods
My name is Brad Gaw-Urwin the artist and owner of Mythic Studios. We operate stores in the beautiful smoky mountains of Tennessee. It has always been a dream to create and sculpt life-like creatures. Everyday I get to learn something new about my craft, and push the envelope of what I can do. Each and every mask is its own individual life where no 2 pieces are exactly the same despite the similarities. I find in each mask I make something new about the process or the result, and that discovery, that learning is the primary nature of what drives my art. Thank you for your support.

Custom Orders
Average Production Time for Orders: Up to 30 days
Custom Order Options: We can make just about anything, if you have an idea we will work to bring it to life
Our store policy is that we cannot accept exchanges or returns on items.