Care Instructions

Thank you for your purchase. Some tips for your mask.
Silicone- You may use soap and water to clean it, Dawn dish soap is great. Either, soak it entirely in a bucket, then rinse with water or just use a brush with the soapy water solution and brush it onto the surface. Then go back over with a brush of clean water or rinse with water. Air Dry.
Foam- Use damp soft cloth to sponge or pat off any dust or debris. Avoid the use of any solvents and do not apply to much pressure to puncture through the paint and sealant into the foam
Putting it on-
I recommend dusting the inside of the mask with baby powder to help it slide over the head. Take care not to pull it on by the neck or eyes or any of the areas that feel thinner. These are the weakest points of the mask and can tear if too much pressure is applied. There are a number of great YouTube videos out there to demonstrate the best way to put on a full silicone mask. I recommend watching one to help clarify what I’m trying to say.
I try to put the mask as far down the back of the head as possible using the backs of my hands inside the back of the neck on the mask. I Stretch it a bit as I slide it down the back of my head as far as possible. It makes things easier if you have someone helping you by balancing the rest of the mask so it does not flop over one side or the other.
Then using my fingers reach as deep into the front side of the mask as possible to stretch it down over your face. It may take a few attempts of pulling down the back then alternating to the front to get it to slide down. After it is on use your palms to adjust the other parts of the face.
Taking off the mask is basically the same process in reverse, raise it off the front of your face, then shift to the back side and raise it off the back of your head, alternating back and forth as necessary. Taking off and putting on the masks takes a bit of practice to get it right without applying to much pressure to the mask, it is difficult to explain the process in words, but really not that difficult to do.
                If you have any questions feel free to call or text or email me anytime. Thank You